Casie Cluck

Meet Casie Cluck

Casie graduated from high school with high grades.

She had her choice of many four-year colleges and universities, but she did not want to graduate with too much student debt.  She learned about the advantages of the college transfer program at Greenville Tech and enrolled in the Honors College.  She was quickly rewarded and found that, "if you take advantage of everything Greenville Tech has to offer, you'll be well prepared for when you transfer to a four-year university or when you graduate."  When Casie compares her college experience to that of her friends, she places hers on top because her tuition is completely covered by South Carolina's LIFE scholarship.  With the added benefits of small class size, good community, and opportunities to get involved and develop leadership skills, Casie is glad she chose Greenville Tech and has a very promising future.

"I started off not knowing where I was going, and now I'm on a great path

Casie Cluck,
International Business