Derrick King

Meet Derrick King

Derrick is employed at a manufacturing company in the upstate.

In a state that is booming with automotive and aerospace manufacturing, Greenville Tech was a great resource to Derrick, who was looking to capitalize on a healthy job market.  "I'm hoping to work for a larger manufacturer in South Carolina", he says, "probably something in machine tools, like a CNC Operator or set up."  The affordability and hands-on training offered at Greenville Tech played a large roll in Derrick's ability to succeed.  With multiple locations and a wide variety of class schedules, Derrick was able to continue his education while sustaining a career.  He is thankful for the flexible class schedules offered by Greenville tech.

"The only way I will be able to complete my degree is planning my classes around my work schedule."

Derrick King,
Machine Tool Technology