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Foundation Funds and Scholarships

The foundation offers over 200 scholarships, which enable a wide variety of students to pursue education in many different subject areas, as well as over 100 funds which assist the college in various ways.

To see a listing of endowed scholarships, please visit the Endowed Scholarships page.

All Funds and Scholarships - listed in alphabetical order:

ABB Motors and Mechanical Endowed Scholarship
ABC Carolinas Chapter Upstate Electrical Apprenticeship Fund
Abraham, Ed AGC Endowed Scholarship
Accounting Department Fund
Ackerman BCT Fund
Adjunct Summit Fund
Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Technology
Advanced Practice Medical Assistant Fund
AdventureTECH Fund
African American Male Leadership Institute Fund
AGC/AET & CET Student Chapter Activity Fund
AIA Endowed Scholarship
Aircraft Maintenance Certification Testing Fund
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Fund
Allied Health Endowed Scholarship
Allied Health Student Emergency Fund
Alumni Activity Fund
Alumni Golf Activity Fund
American Legion Post #3 / W. W. Wilkins, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
American Security of Greenville Scholarship
Anderson, Dolores and Bob Endowed Scholarship for Returning Students
Animal Studies General Fund
AOT Development Fund
APICS Industrial Crescent Thompson MMT Endowed Scholarship
ARC Fund
Armstrong, Ann P. PLS Scholarship
Arscott Family Scholarship
Arts and Science Division Fund
Aughtry Family Endowed Scholarship*
Auto Body Activity and Scholarships Fund
Auto Tech Activity and Scholarship Fund
Auto Tech / Auto Body Endowed Fund
Aviation, Construction & Transportation Technology Fund
Aviation Maintenance Technician Equipment Fund
AVX Corporation Technology Endowed Scholarship
Bank of America Apprenticeship Fund
Bannon Endowed Scholarship
Barton, N. D. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Barton, Thomas E. Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Behavioral Sciences Supplemental Fund
Belding, Charles and Kathleen Wall Scholarship
Benson Campus Expansion/Improvement Fund
Benson Campus Fund
Benson Campus Scholarship
Benson, Jim & Evelyn Endowed Scholarship
Benson, Jim & Evelyn Quick Jobs - Greer Endowed Scholarship
Bikulege Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Bi-Lo Endowed Scholarship
Biological Sciences Fund
Bishop, Kenneth Gary Endowed Scholarship for EET
Blanchard Machinery/Caterpillar Diesel Equipment Mechanics Scholarship & Activities Fund
Bledsoe, Dr. Francis Henry Endowed Scholarship
Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative Endowed Scholarship
Bomar, Mrs. George E. Endowed Scholarship
Bosch Advanced Manufacturing Academy Fund
Bosch Advanced Manufacturing Honors College Scholarships
Bosch Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bradshaw, Annette and William Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bradshaw, William/Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Brashier Building Fund
Brashier Campus at Golden Strip Scholarship
Brashier Campus Fund
Bridges to a Brighter Future Endowed Scholarship
Brister Endowed Scholarship
Brooks, Eleanor & Clyde Endowed Scholarship
Brush, Annabelle Endowed Scholarship
Bryan, B. K. Endowed Fund
Bryant, Wade Hampton Endowed Scholarship
Burdette, Jeff Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Burrus, Stephen Statistical Endowed Scholarship
Business Division Fund
Butler, H. L. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Call Me Mister Fund
Campbell, Chad Carpentry Scholarship
Campbell, June Nursing Students Endowed Scholarship
Canal Insurance Endowed Scholarship
Capital Campaign 2021
Caring Corner Fund
CDC Parents Advisory Council Fund
Center for Career and Professional Development Fund
Center for Culinary and Hospitality Innovation Fund
Center for Manufacturing Innovation Fund
Center for Manufacturing Innovation Activity Fund
Center for Manufacturing Innovation - Capstone Fund
Center for Manufacturing Innovation - Machine Tool Technology Development Fund
CHI Activity Fund
CHI Employment and Entrepreneurship Fund
CHI Student Recruitment and Retention Fund
CHI West Greenville School Partnership Fund
Clemson/Duke CUCWD Scholarship
Cline, Darwin and Susan Endowed Scholarship*
College Finance Office Fund
Collegiate Recovery Fund
Collins, Fred J. Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Community Fest Fund
CompX National MTT Endowed Scholarship
Cordell, Steve Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cosmetology Fund
Covington, Imogene H. Endowed Fund for Nursing Students
CPT Department Faculty/Staff Development Fund
Crawford Building Industry Endowed Scholarship
Creative Inquiry Program Fund
Crescent Community Club Fund
Cryovac, Sealed Air Endowed Fund
CSI Endowed Scholarship
CSI Operational Fund
Cubbage, Ladson G. Sr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Education
Cubbage, Margaret Mills Memorial Fund
Culinary Arts Department Activity Fund
Culinary Arts Department Endowed Fund
Culinary Arts Northwest Campus Expansion Fund
Culinary Arts/Sustainable Agriculture Fund
Curry, Jimmy L. Endowed Scholarship*
DACA Student Scholarship
Davenport, Dorothy Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Dental Assistant's Fund
Dental Department Fund
Dental Hygiene Fund
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Fund
Donivan, Douglas and Rebecca Endowed Scholarship
Dreisbach, Daniel Endowed Scholarship
Dreskin Endowed Medical Laboratory Technology Scholarship
Drive Automotive/Heinz Stoizer Endowed Scholarship
Dual Enrollment Fund
Early Childhood Development Department Student Organization Fund
Earth Hand Endowed Scholarship
Eason, Cynthia Workforce Development Training Fund
EDCT Cypress Creek Renewables Fund
EDCT Gene Hass Foundation Fund
EDCT General Fund
EDCT Information Technology Fund
EDCT Veterans Scholarship Fund
Elmore Family Endowed Scholarship
Emergency Medical Technician Department Fund
Empowering Tomorrow Campaign Fund
Empowering Tomorrow Equipment Fund
Empowering Tomorrow - Other Uses Fund
Encounters Program Fund
Engineering Graphics Technology Development Fund
Engineering Technologies Division Development Fund
English as a Second Language Program Fund
English Department Creative Writing Fund
English/Speech Fund
Entrepreneur Program Fund
Equipment Fund
Erwin, Rick Dining Group Endowed Scholarship for Culinary Studies
Erwin-Penland/Anne Gwinn Endowed Scholarship
Executive Affairs/Diversity Fund
Fabri-Kal Endowed Scholarship
Faiveley Transport NA Endowed Scholarship
Fall for Greenville Culinary Arts Institute Scholarship Endowed Fund
Faust Group Endowed Scholarship
Finance Division Professional Development Fund
Financial Literacy Center Fund
Finish Line Scholarships
Fishing Club Fund
Fitesa Endowed Scholarship
Fivehands Endowed Scholarship
Fretwell, Stuart L. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gallivan, Katie and Clark Endowed Fund
Gardner, Les Endowed Scholarship*
Garrett, Blake P. Sr. and David H. Endowed Scholarship
GBS Scholarship
GE Power Bridge to Learning Fund
GE Power Machine Tool Technology Fund
General Scholarship Fund
Gene Haas CNC Competition Fund
Giguere, Jeffrey and Nancy Endowed Scholarship
Global Education Fund
GM ASEP Activity and Program Needs Fund
Goodwyn Mills Cawood AET Scholarship Fund
Graham Engineering Technologies Equipment Fund
Graham Engineering Technologies Scholarship
Graham Foundation Persistence & Retention Fund
Graham, Mary M. Endowed Student Book Fund
Graycliff Capital Endowed Scholarship
Greenville Drive Endowed Scholarship
Greenville Tech Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Greenville Tech Foundation Student Scholarship Endowment
Greenville Tech Veterans Fund
Greenville Track Club Endowed Scholarship
Greer, James B. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Grimes, Alberta T. Endowed Scholarship
GTC Gives Back Fund
GTC Urban Farmers Fund
Haas, Gene Facilities and Equipment Endowed Fund
Haas, Gene Endowed Scholarship
Halbrook, Gregory Endowed Scholarship
Hall, Hazel P. Endowed Scholarship
Harkness, Curtis Endowed Grant/Loan Fund
Harley Group Endowed Scholarship
Harper, Janice Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Harper, Lib and Caldwell Family Endowed Fund
Harris, Zemora M. Endowed Scholarship
Haynsworth, Clement F. III Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Health Information Management (HIM) Fund
Health Science Equipment Fund
Heller, Max Endowed Scholarship for Career Development
Helping Others Pursue Economic Success (HOPES) Fund
Hendricks, Ralph Endowed Scholarship
Hendry, Ted Endowed Scholarship
Heusel, Gwendolyn and Richard Endowed Fund for Job Retraining (QJ)
Hillis, Stephanie B. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Hinson Charities Restricted Scholarship
Hinson, Joseph T. Restricted Scholarship
Honda PACT Activity and Program Needs
Howard, Robert E. Endowed Scholarship
Howard, S. Hunter Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Hubbell Lighting Endowed Scholarship*
Hudson Family Scholarship
Huff-Lowe, Elaine Endowed Scholarship
Humanities Department Fund
HVAC Development Fund
IMA Student Chapter at GTC Fund
Information Technology Support Fund
ISM-CV Upper SC Chapter Fund
Jacobs, Jake Honors Program Fund
Jain, Surendra and Neelima Endowed Scholarship for Sciences
John I. Smith Charities Scholarship
Johnston, Lily Juanita "Nita" Administrative Office Technology Endowed Scholarship
Johnson, Mark C. Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund
Jolley Family Endowed Scholarship
Jones, Sara Phillips R.N. Endowed Scholarship*
Kappa Beta Delta Student Organization Fund
Kinder Family Foundation Scholarship
Kohlmorgen, Lauren Scholarship
Lacquement, Hu Endowed MET Book Scholarship*
Lambda Alpha Epsilon Fund
Lambda Nu Fund
Larson, Jerry K. and Cynthia M. Endowed Scholarship
Lassiter, Barbara STAT Center Technology Fund
Lawdahl Family DMS Endowed Scholarship
Library and Learning Resources Fund
Lockheed Martin Aircraft Maintenance Endowed Scholarship
Lockheed Martin Veterans Lounge Fund
Machine Tool Technology (MTT) Development Fund
Mann, Elizabeth Paralegal Endowed Scholarship
Marketing Department Book Fund
Martin, "Rennie" Mattos Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Masters Endowed Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Studies
Massage Therapy Fund
Mathematics Department Fund
McAuliff Endowed Scholarship Fund*
McDonald, Candace Memorial Scholarship
Mechatronics Fund
Medical Lab Technology Fund
Mickel, Buck Endowed Scholarship for Career Training
Miller, Keith & Heidie Endowed Scholarship
Mims, Corey G. Memorial Endowed Fund
Mims, Frank Memorial Automotive Endowed Scholarship
Mitsubishi Polyester Film Endowed Scholarship
Moore, Anne Prentiss Endowed Scholarship
Moore, Eugene T. Endowed Scholarship
Morrow, Aurelia C. Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Mt. Vernon Mills Endowed Scholarship
Murphy, Susan and Lee Endowed Assistance Fund*
NAS (Not a Statistic) Student Organization Fund
Nissan North America Endowed Automotive Scholarship
Northwest Campus General Fund
Northwest Campus Scholarship Fund
Northwest Learning Commons Project Fund
Nursing Continuing Development Fund
Nursing Division Equipment Fund
Nursing Endowed Scholarship*
Nursing Student/Faculty Education Fund
O'Brien, Martin Endowed Scholarship
Occupational Therapy Department Fund
Ogle, Roberta RN Student Emergency Loan Fund
O'Neal Corp. Technology Training Center Fund
Para-Chem Endowed Scholarship
Paralegal Association at GTC Fund
Passport to Success Fund
Payne Scholarship Fund
Pellett-Morgan Endowed Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter AE Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter R Scholarship
Pharmacy Tech Lab Fund
Phi Theta Kappa Activities Fund
Phi Theta Kappa Endowed Scholarship
Physical Science/Chemistry Fund
Physical Therapist Assistant Program Endowed Scholarship
Physical Therapy Assistant Fund
Plating Foundation Nursing Students Book Fund
Political Science Activities Fund (former Model UN)
Poole Family Endowed Scholarship
Poole, Etta Poole Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Porter, Carolyn Talley Endowed Scholarship
Potosky, Sally and Pete Endowed Fund
Premo, Col. Harold L. Mem Aviation Maintenance & MTT Scholarship*
President's Fund
Pressly, James B. Memorial Radiological Technician Endowed Scholarship
Priester EET Endowed Scholarship
Prisma Health Endowed Scholarship
Professional Development Fund
Quick Jobs - Fluor Fund
Quick Jobs for Veterans - Fluor Fund
Quick Jobs for Veterans - Hollingsworth Fund
Quick Jobs Greer - Citizens Building and Loan Association Fund
Quick Jobs Greer - National Association of Women in Construction
Quick Jobs Scholarship
Quick Jobs Workforce Development Endowed Scholarship
Radiologic Technology Department Fund
Radiologic Technology Student Fund
Raiford, Norman G. and Alice S. Endowed Scholarship for Single Parent Students
Rama Scholarship
Ray, C. Niles & Dr. Laurie G. Endowed Scholarship
Recycling Coalition Fund
Reed, Tim and Susan Endowed Scholarship
Respiratory Department Student Fund
Rice, Margaret Endowed Scholarship
Rishi, Shashi Science Scholarship
Riverworks Gallery Fund
Roberts, Emily Endowed Scholarship Fund*
Roe, Esther Smith Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Rogers, F. M. Endowed Leadership Award*
Rogers, F. M. Leadership Award Fund
Rushing Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Ryans Corporation Endowed Fund for Technology Excellence at the Benson Campus
Sargent Foundation Endowed Scholarship
School of Business and Computer Technology Entrepreneurship Fund
Sculpture Fund
Scurry, D. L. Foundation Scholarship
Seppala Homes Endowed Scholarship
SEW Eurodrive Scholarship
Shaloski, Gregory B. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Shaw, Kay Coleman Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Simpsonville Rotary Scholarship
Skills USA/Carpentry Fund
Smart Family Endowed Scholarship*
Smoke On The Water Endowed Scholarship
Sorrells, Edwin R. Jr. Memorial EMT Endowed Scholarship/Loan
Southern First Bank Endowed Scholarship
Special Scholarship
Speech Communication and Theatre Fund
Spinx Endowed Scholarship for Culinary Studies
Spinks Family Endowed Scholarship
Stafford, Nancy and David Endowed Scholarship
Stevens Aviation Endowed Scholarship
Stofan Family Endowed Scholarship Fund*
Stroud Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Student Activities Fund
Student Emergency Loan Fund
Student Emergency Needs Fund
Student Nurses' Association GTC Fund
Student Services Division General Fund
Student Support Services Loan/Scholarship
Subway Endowed Scholarship
Surgical Technology Advisory Committee Student Fund
Surgical Technology Student Activities Fund
Taylor, Lucile C. Endowed Scholarship
Theisen, T&S Brass and Bronze Endowed Scholarship
Thomas, John & Phyllis Family Endowed Scholarship
Transitional Studies Department Fund
Trehel Corporation Endowed Fund
Truist Endowed Scholarship
Tumblin, James Ray Accounting Endowed Scholarship
Tumblin, James Ray Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Tumblin, James Ray Rad Tech Endowed Scholarship
United Community Bank Endowed Scholarship
Upward Bound PAC
van Bergen, Harmannus Endowed Scholarship
Veterans of America Scholarship
Visual Arts Annual High School Art Exhibit Fund
Visual Arts Art Club Fund
Visual Arts General Fund
Visual Arts Student Show Fund
Visual Arts Student Supply Fund
Volpe Endowed Scholarship
Wallace, Mary Ellen Woodside Endowed Scholarship
Walser, Kirby Endowed Scholarship
Ward, Linda Memorial Scholarship Fund
Warne Family, Hewitt, Coleman Foundation Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Watkins, Mary Helen Johnson Scholarship
WEASC Scholarship
Weiss, Hal and Lorraine Goldstein Endowed Scholarship for Theatre Studies
Welding Activity & Student Loan Fund
Wells Fargo Advanced Manufacturing Endowed Scholarship
West, Jeffrey Endowed Scholarship for Nursing
Whisonant, Joseph S. Endowed Scholarship
Whitworth, Mary Drew Harris Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Williams, Anthony A. Endowed Scholarship
Winestock, James and Dr. Flora Johnson Scholarship
Winkelman, Lauren and Shane Smith Endowed Scholarship*
Wolfe, Kathryn F Endowed Scholarship
Wood, Paula G. Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Workforce Development Gala Fund
Worthwhile Computer Technology Scholarship Fund
Wozniak, Leonard & Linda Endowed Scholarship*
Yetman, Irene Endowed Scholarship

* The scholarships listed with an asterisk have not yet reached full endowment status, and thus cannot yet be used for scholarship assistance