Greenville Technical College Sponsors 'Wonder of Learning' Exhibit

FEBRUARY 12, 2014

Greenville Technical College Sponsors "Wonder of Learning" Exhibit

Greenville Technical College is one of the presenting sponsors of "The Wonder of Learning" exhibit featured at McAlister Square from January through May, 2014.  Greenville, SC and Albuquerque, NM are two North American cities the exhibit will be showcased in 2014, later traveling to places all over the world.
The exhibit showcases the powerful learning that occurs in early childhood and leads visitors to a deeper understanding of a child's ability to research and discover.  It calls attention to the importance of education and schools as a place for research, discussion and mutual exchange.  The exhibit hopes to open new dialogue about how education is approached.
The exhibit is free to the public and speaks especially to those involved in education - teachers, other professionals and families.  Professional development conferences and workshops are also scheduled.  The exhibit is open from 9 AM to 7 PM daily.
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