LaChrisha Miller

Meet LaChrisha Miller

LaChrisha Miller is a single mother who was determined to overcome child care obstacles while continuing her education.

Prior to coming to the Greenville Tech, LaChrisha was working for minimum wage and obtaining assistance from government agencies to provide for her family.  Then, after being laid off from her job, she visited a Greenville Tech job fair and was launched on a track to success.  "The instructor worked with me so my schedule did not conflict with the schedule of my children," she says,  "You come to realize your dreams here."  LaChrisha is now able to support her family on her own, is looking to buy a home, and has started college funds for her children. 

"Greenville Tech has put me in a position to better provide for my family and I am excited about my future."

LaCrisha Miller
Quality Control Technician