NHC-Mauldin raises $9000 for Greenville Tech

OCTOBER 27, 2011

NHC-Mauldin raises $9000 for Greenville Tech

The generosity and fund-raising efforts of many of the staff members at NHC-Mauldin have resulted in a gift of $9,000 to Greenville Technical College. The staff members gave their own gifts and raised funds that were given to the Foundation for Geriatric Education, designated for a gift to Greenville Technical College

NHC Site Director, Deborah Dobson, a Greenville Tech graduate, said, "We are glad to be able to say thank you to Greenville Tech for the great education many of us have received, and to be able to support the work of training those who will be our professional colleagues in the future." In addition to Ms. Dobson, Anne McColley, the Director of Nursing, and 17 of the 40 nurses working at NHC-Mauldin, are graduates of Greenville Tech.

The gift will be used to purchase hardware and software needed to train in charting and medication administration, a new skill required of all nurses by 2014. An infusion pump for training on IV administration will also be purchased with this gift.

In the photo, Deborah Dobson (back row center in blue and black suit), to her right, Sheryn Robinson (Nursing instructor), to her right, Margaret Kroposki (Associate Dean of Nursing) Extreme right of back row Wanda Baker (Nursing Professor) Front row extreme right Wanda Revis (Nursing instructor) They are joined by many of the 17 nursing graduates from Greenville Tech now at NHC-Mauldin.