Nida Corporation & Northrop Rice Foundation support Aviation Maintenance students

AUGUST 23, 2016

Nida Corporation & Northrop Rice Foundation Support Aviation Maintenance Students



Left to Right:  Mark Richardson, Vice President of Learning Labs Inc. and South Carolina representative for Nida; Walt Carter, Aircraft Maintenance Instructor at Greenville Technical College; Les Gardner, Director of Development at Greenville Tech Foundation; and Kevin Gulliver, President of Nida Corporation and the Northrop Rice Foundation


A gift from Nida Corporation and the Northrop Rice Foundation will assist the Aircraft Maintenance Technology students at Greenville Technical College in building real life skills.

A donated "emulator" allows students to learn real power generation systems, giving them experience in measuring current, load shed, and more. The equipment, valued at $12,500, allows instructors to teach the electronic systems used in avionics in the classroom, where mistakes can be corrected before students encounter the systems in actual aircraft.

Nida Corporation is a world leader in the development, design, and installation of sophisticated electronics training systems. The company's advanced systems are used by all branches of the military and at many colleges to build real life skills. Northrop Rice Foundation works to promote education, professionalism and safety within the aviation industry.  The foundation does this by providing scholarships to aviation maintenance students, instructors and schools.

Kevin Gulliver, president of both Nida Corporation and the Northrop Rice Foundation, said that assisting colleges in enhancing aviation maintenance education is important because the aviation industry is rapidly growing.  "The industry needs to meet that growth with an increased number of qualified aerospace technicians.  We are seeing more and more pilotless aerial platforms; however, both manned and unmanned aircraft require aviation technicians," he said.

"Our Aircraft Maintenance Technology program is recognized by employers as top notch, and an important component of that quality education is the strong inventory of equipment we use to teach thanks to generous industry partners like Nida Corporation and the Northrop Rice Foundation," said Dr. Keith Miller, president of Greenville Technical College.