Quick Jobs With a Future Program- 'Because It Works'

MARCH 24, 2014

Quick Jobs With a Future Program- "Because It Works"

When he was a member of the Board of Directors of Greenville Tech Foundation (GTF), business leader Rick Sumerel learned a lot about Greenville Technical College (GTC) and its focus on preparing people for a self-supporting, productive life.  Two years after leaving the board he is further convinced of its benefits, and says he'll recommend others to GTC for an important but simple reason..."because it works."
A friend of the Sumerels came to them earlier this year seeking their counsel and support in improving and upgrading job skills.  The challenges included the need for financial assistance, an immediate opportunity to enter the work force, fear of failure, and anxiety over being "the only person in this boat."  And, all of this anxiety while raising a teenage daughter. 
The Sumerels suggested she explore GTC's Quick Jobs With a Future Program.  When she walked in the door she met Program Director, Steve Hand, with whom she shared her challenges.  She was quickly assisted and qualified for the Medical Physician Practice Clerk program and entered classes the following Monday.  Tuition was made possible by generous gifts made to GTF for students, like her, in need.
Steve Hand said "when she came to us she was confused, her self-esteem was quite low and she was scared.  Now, she shows a spirit of hope and is no longer nervous and scared.  She has met others just like her."  Two weeks after entering the program, Sumerel said that her confidence has returned, and "she is convinced she will be able to quickly get a job if she does well.  The program has believability."
 Sumerel has been a GTF donor for a number of years.  He said he will continue to support GTC through the Foundation "simply because it works as it should."

In photo: Steve Hand (left), Quick Jobs With a Future Program Director at Greenville Technical College, and former Greenville Tech Foundation Board Member and donor, Rick Sumerel (right).