Scholarships to Enable Students

Studies consistently report that 80 percent of the jobs of the future will require education beyond high school, but more than 128,000 Greenville County residents are without a post-secondary degree.

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Enriching Lives, Enriching the Community

For the Upstate's economy to thrive, it is critical that we continue to attract new companies to the area. To do so, we must have an available high-quality workforce. What's the best way to ensure that workforce exists? Create one.

At Greenville Technical College, we do just that. We're the largest provider of higher education in Greenville County, with more than 14,000 academic students enrolled in 36 associate degree programs and 91 certificate programs. Through the Corporate and Career Development Division, more than 21,000 students are participating in programs to gain qualifications to enter 55 career fields, or to add to their skills. More than 85 percent of our graduates remain in the Upstate. We're building Greenville's skilled workforce of the future, but we need your help to continue providing financial assistance to those students who need it most. It's vital to them. And it's vital to Greenville.

The Cost of a Brighter Future

Including tuition, books and supplies, the cost of a Greenville Tech education is about $4,000 a year for a full-time student. For the vast majority of our students, it would be impossible to afford this cost without financial assistance. For many students, scholarships are the critical factor in the decision to attend college, and private support is essential to ensuring that all students have that opportunity. State assistance has fallen from 62 percent to 20 percent of the college's operating budget, dropping more than $15 million over the last five years. As a result, tuition has increased. Existing scholarship funds available through the Greenville Tech Foundation are limited, and only two percent of students receive them. Although there is some federal and state aid available, private community support remains a critical part of funding education. When you invest in the Greenville Tech Foundation, you invest in the future of Greenville. More highly educated people earn more, which leads to a higher per capita income for the Upstate. With a more qualified workforce, business leaders will sit up and take notice - expanding existing businesses, starting new businesses, and relocating businesses to our community.

See How the Benefits of Education Add Up

Average Pay Grades by Educational Attainment in Greenville

High School Diploma $25,546
Some College, Associate's Degree $30,210
Bachelor's Degree $44,298 Graduate or Professional Degree $58,398
Source: Greenville Chamber of Commerce

Create Students

Right now, there are hundreds of students in the Upstate who believe that college just isn't an option for them. Some are from modest backgrounds, or grew up in poverty. Many of them could be the first in their family to seek higher education, or be a first-generation American seeking the American dream. Others are working to overcome difficult circumstances, trying to make ends meet on a high school education while aspiring to something more for themselves and their families. Through your investment, you'll help make students' dreams of college a reality, making it possible for them to afford the education they need to make them viable candidates in today's competitive job market.

Save Students

As they work toward attaining their degree, many of our students are forced to live on a financial shoestring. Even though they may be working two or three low-paying jobs in addition to attending school, many of them are only one car repair, family emergency or other unexpected expense away from dropping out of their program because they just can't afford to continue. The good news is that your investment can help rescue these students who are teetering on the brink of losing all they've worked for. Just a scholarship of a few hundred dollars can help these at-risk students through financial hardships and keep them in their program.

Give Students a Brighter Future

With your contribution, you can help put students on the road to creating a legacy of higher education for their family. How do you know your investment is a wise one? Our success rate speaks for itself - more than 90 percent of Greenville Tech's recent graduates are employed or continuing their education. More education means greater income for our graduates, helping break the cycle of poverty and ultimately leading to a better quality of life for everyone in our community.

Make a Difference in their Lives and Yours

For hundreds of Greenville Tech students, scholarships from the Greenville Tech Foundation are a critical part of financing their education. However, we can't serve these needs without your generosity. Your gift is the key to a brighter future for students, their families, and the entire Greenville community. It'll make a difference you can see.


"This scholarship has helped take the burden of the cost off my mother and helped put a smile on her face to know that her firstborn son will be able to attend college." -Shannon M.



"I need to finish the education that I once started and to keep the promise I made to myself and my parents. It has taken me 35 years to decide what I want to be, and that is definitely an RN. I am very close to that dream coming true, thanks to you." -Anita M.



"I currently work two jobs seven days a week to support myself, pay for school and save for my future educational ambitions, so any financial advantage I can get is greatly appreciated. To me, [this scholarship] means one less monetary issue to worry about, which allows me to focus on maintaining my 4.0 GPA." -Cody B.



"This scholarship has taken a tremendous burden off us. I do currently have a student loan, but last semester it was not nearly enough to pay for the expenses of my school supplies. I had to get a small loan from a family member to buy the rest of the materials I needed for my clinical rotations. Having been awarded with the scholarship is certainly a blessing. I won't have any problems paying for my school supplies this semester." -Jessica H.



"I am a divorced mother of a ten-year-old girl. Going back to school was not easy. I was a C student in high school; however, my grades for the past year have earned me a spot on the dean's list with a 4.0 GPA. I am seriously motivated and determined when it comes to my future and being able to provide for my daughter." -Sabrina H.



"This scholarship I have been awarded means so much to me, and if I had 10,000 tongues I could not thank you enough. I am a single mother raising two daughters, and this scholarship will help me to continue on reaching for the best and focus on making all A's, and a better life for me and my daughters." -Sheila G. 



"At the time you helped me, I was a single mom trying to get into school and dealing with the challenge of receiving only $152 a month in child support, and being unable to find a job that would allow me to attend classes and still be a good mother. The aid you offered was a godsend. I pray that someday I am the nurse who comforts you when you need someone to care for you. If your goal was to make a difference, then: mission accomplished."
-Cassie S.