Student Emergency Needs

Student Emergency Needs

These funds enable our students to overcome unexpected obstacles such as utility cutoffs, transportation issues and medical bills which could jeopardize their ability to stay in school.

 When students head out the door to Greenville Technical College (GTC), they often bring more than a laptop, notepads, and books along.  All too often, they also bring financial and life challenges that weigh them down, slow them down, and block them from reaching their goals. 


Almost 50% of GTC students are from low income homes.  Some 60% of students take classes while also working.  Many GTC students are the first in their family to attend college.  Others are single parents, trying to manage work, college, and childcare.  With these kinds of challenges, paying for college is a juggling act.

While GTC strives to keep tuition affordable, existing financial aid programs do not cover the total cost of attendance.  In addition to tuition and fees, students face financial needs and emergencies including:  high book costs; immunizations; uniforms and equipment needed for healthcare courses; toolkits or medical exams required for transportation and manufacturing programs; childcare expenses during class; utility costs; unanticipated healthcare emergencies; and fees associated with certification and licensure that will enable students to begin their careers.

Career-changers, especially working adults, may not qualify for any type of aid.  Any extra expense can be an obstacle to graduation.  Research shows that direct financial support has a significant impact on keeping students in school and getting them across the finish line.

Greenville Tech Foundation recognized that assistance with student emergency needs was becoming more and more critical in helping retain students who might otherwise abandon their educational goals.  A concerted effort was made in 2017 to raise additional funds for student emergency needs. To apply for these funds, students with emergency requests complete a short application and attach documentation. Each situation is quickly reviewed for verification and payments are made to the appropriate vendor (healthcare provider, GTC Bookstore, licensing agency, etc.) In addition, gas cards and Greenlink bus passes are available for student facing transportation emergencies which prevent class attendance.  In 2018, the Foundation will implement a program in cooperation with the college for financial and budgeting assistance to help emergency assistance recipients stay in school and complete their programs.