Established in 1973, The Greenville Tech Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation separate from Greenville Technical College but operating for the benefit of the college.

The Foundation is an exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code's section 501(c)(3) and is further classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(1) of the Code. It is governed by a board of directors comprised of recognized Greenville County leaders in business, industry, and the professions. The Foundation was established to ensure that the college is able to provide a quality college education at modest costs and to reduce financial barriers to higher education.

Giving Helps Ensure Scholarship Funding

  • Scholarships are the critical factor in a student's decision whether to attend college.
  • Almost half of the Greenville Tech students are 1st generation college students whose families lack financial resources.

Giving Helps Provide Modern Technology

  • Instruction on state of the art equipment provides our students with real world experiences to better prepare them for today's evolving workforce.
  • Financial gifts as well as gifts of modern equipment and supplies help provide a state of the art learning environment. 

Giving Helps Attract and Retain Outstanding Faculty

  • Providing outstanding facilities, equipment and an excellent learning environment attracts highly qualified faculty and staff.
  • Timely professional development opportunities help existing faculty keep current with ever changing technology.

Giving Helps Develop State of the Art Facilities

  • Greenville Tech offers four campuses and flexible scheduling to fit the needs of our diverse community.
  • The futuristic Center for Manufacturing Innovation requires additional funding to meet the workforce needs.

How your gift can make a difference: 

Your gift, no matter the size, will allow our students to pursue their educational and career goals. 

  • $10 can purchase bus tickets, allowing a student to get to class
  • $10 can purchase safety glasses for an automotive student
  • $35 can pay for a background check required for future teachers in the Early Care & Education program
  • $125 can buy defibrillation cables for health science students
  • $150 can purchase a case of gloves for a health science major
  • $250 can pay for uniforms and clinical supplies for a student studying respiratory care
  • $1,500 can pay for the equipment kit that a Dental Assistant student needs

Take a moment now to make a difference in the lives of our students by clicking here to make a gift today.


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