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Annual Events

By attending one of our annual events you help provide unrestricted funds in support of the Greenville Tech Foundation mission. Our annual signature fundraising event honors and recognizes community businesses, individuals, and partners for their significant support of the education and student success efforts of Greenville Technical College. Proceeds from the event provide unrestricted resources in support of the Greenville Tech Foundation mission.

2022 Champions for Student Success

Join us on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 for our Champions for Student Success event (formerly the Workforce Development Salute) as we recognize Bank of America and Arthur "Buddy" Rowley Wallace for their longstanding support!

The Greenville Tech Foundation's Signature Event is one of the premier events in our community with more than 200 business and community leaders in attendance.

You can learn about last year's event by visiting the Workforce Development Salute page.

HONOREES - Workforce Development Salute (2015 - 2021):

(You may click on an honoree name to view video from the event.)

2021 Honorees:

Fluor Corporation

Trehel Corporation

Truist Foundation

2019 Honorees:

Dodie Anderson

Jolley Foundation

Lockheed Martin

2018 Honorees:

Bosch Rexroth

Greenville Health System


2017 Honorees:

Jim Benson

Stewart Spinks

Melvin Younts

2016 Honorees:

John I. Smith Charities

Ralph Hendricks

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.

PAST HONOREES - Entrepreneur Forum members (1999-2014):

(* deceased)

Mr. James B. Anthony

Mr. Paul C. Aughtry III

Mr. Gary R. Ault

Dr. Thomas E. Barton, Jr. *

Mr. Louis P. Batson, Jr. *

Mr. Michael L. Baur

Mr. James H. Benson

Dr. Larry G. Blackwell

Mr. Michael Bolick

Mr. William H. Bradshaw

Mr. T. Walter Brashier *

Mr. Craig D. Brown

Mr. William W. Brown

Mr. William K. "B.K." Bryan *

Mrs. Karen C. Clardy

Mr. James D. Cockman *

Hon. Merl F. Code

Mr. John Michael Collins

Mr. Dan R. Collins

Mr. Jerry K. Cooper

Mr. Howard W. Covington, Jr. *         

Mrs. Gale B. Crawford

Ms. Marion Crawford

Mr. Leighton M. Cubbage

Mr. Walter Davis

Mr. Homer L. Deakins, Jr.            

Mr. Nathan A. Einstein

Mr. Joseph Erwin

Mr. Rick Erwin

Mr. George W. Fletcher

Mr. J. Earle Furman, Jr.

Mr. Fred D. Garrett, Sr. *

Mr. David W. Glenn

Mr. P. Edwin Good, Jr.

Mr. M. Dexter Hagy

Mr. Frank B. Halter, Sr. *

Mr. C. Douglass Harper

Mr. Henry C. Harrison

Mr. Thomas S. Hartness *

Hon. Max M. Heller *

Mr. Ralph S. Hendricks *

Mr. Richard K. Heusel

Mr. W. Hayne Hipp *

Mr. Tee Hooper, Jr.

Mr. Charles S.Houser

Mr. Robert E. Hughes, Jr.

Mr. Jackson Hughes, Jr.

Mrs. Velda Hughes

Mr. Surendra Jain

Ms. Jennie Johnson

Mr. Mark Johnston

Mr. C. Dan Joyner *

Mr. Emil P. Kondra *

Mr. Ray A. Lattimore

Ms. Barbara League

Ms. Sandra S. Linning

Mrs. Linda K. Long

Mr. William E. Masters

Mr. William H. McCauley II *

Mr. Jon McClure

Mrs. Mary Louise Mims

Mr. Ruben G. Montalvo

Mr. William H. Orders

Mr. Steven H. Owings

Mr. Joseph Pazdan

Mr. Sam B. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. David C. Poole

Mr. James Randolph Potter, Sr.         

Ms. Susan C. Priester

Mr. Hasmukh P. Rama

Mr. Timothy J. Reed

Mr. J. Carroll Rushing *

Mr. Ali Saifi

Mr. R. Arthur Seaver, Jr.

Mr. Jack E. Shaw

Mrs. Minor Mickel Shaw

Mr. Robert S. Small, Jr.

Mr. Lewis T. Smoak, Esq.

Mr. Carl S. Sobocinski

Mr. L. Stewart Spinks

Mr. George Stathakis

Mr. John M. Sterling, Jr.

Mr. James Hamilton Stewart, Esq. *

Mrs. Llyn Strong

Mr. Todd H. Taylor

Mr. Charles D. Walters

Mr. Mack Whittle

Mrs. Vivian A.Wong

Mr. C. Thomas Wyche *