Teri Hendrick

Teri Hedrick 

Giving Helps Break the Poverty Cycle

Teri Hedrick is quick to tell others that "education breaks the poverty cycle." Hers is the voice of experience.  Twenty years ago she became single again.  She had two small children.  She knew that a high school diploma was not enough.  She had to take action.

Teri received a scholarship from the Greenville Tech Foundation that allowed her to enter the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Greenville Technical College.  She chose that program after telling her counselor that she didn't want to have to rely on anyone else and her house needed re-wiring.  After a year of study she was one of four people chosen from about 200 applicants to participate in a co-op program at Cryovac. 

Today, after completing two associate degree programs and receiving a master electrician license she is in her seventeenth year in the facility maintenance department at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.  Her tasks are multi-faceted.  In many cases she is the "go-to" person when it comes to figuring out a way to install or repair something, whether it's a new security camera system or repairing a light at the top of a 90-foot pole.  She especially likes the latter task because of the panoramic view of northern Greenville and Spartanburg Counties visible from the lift that takes her to the top of the pole.

She attributes her success to her training at Greenville Tech, and to following the advice she has given her children.  "Go to school," she said.  'Stay in class all day, every day.  Work your tail off.  Those are the people who succeed."  Clearly her advice has worked.  She has convinced her two children, two "adopted" children, brother, sister and mother to attend Greenville Tech.  All have graduated and greatly improved their lives.  And, Hedrick, said, she's not done advising people that "education breaks the poverty cycle." 

Be a part of breaking the poverty cycle in Greenville.  Give to the Greenville Tech Foundation.